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Monday, June 22,2020 

Blessings and Love from the blooming green beauty of the southern Missouri Ozarks, and Happy Summer Solstice, all of you Sweet Souls! I have been keeping myself busy with planting, a bit of gardening, writing, plotting and planning, and, of course, recording online shows for you to enjoy! Until things are safe again, my goal is to connect with you here from my website as much as possible, right from our lovely home sanctuary of Wolvenwold. 

The trees and forests are lush and full, and our elderberries and…

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Blessings from Bel... and new ideas for 2020! 

Blessings, lovely peoples!

New show dates will be posted ASAP... and I'm working toward building my own personal studio space here at Wolvenwold! Looking forward to spring... on the heels of winter. Planting new seeds, brewing new ideas, fermenting new dreams. 

Things are mellow and a bit more peaceful here at home. Working on new music, photos and hopefully some new videos and older video posting, here in the near future. Looking for a videographer for new projects. Trying to get back into gourd musical…

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2019, Beyotchez! 

Welp... 2019 is shaping up to be QUITE a year already. Inspirations and strange dreams surround me... and I'll be revisiting a very special place later this summer. I've no doubt that songs will spring forth from these adventures. It's time to reconnect with some old friends... and greet some new ones on this journey.

Blessed Be, and may 2019 bring you much joy and promise. May this new year gift you with some of the things that you wish for, and some that you need. May you revel in who you are. Become…

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Crysalis Moon 2021: Canceled

Tippecanoe River, 7510 N. 250 E. RD. MONTEREY, INDIANA, Monterey, Indiana

Join us for the Music of Beltana Spellsinger, Brian Henke, Burning Sage, Ginger Doss & Lynda Millard, and More... for the Best Minifest in the Midwest! Chrysalis Moon Festival brings the gifts of magical family and opportunities for spiritual growth, exploration and relaxation. Music, Magick, and More!!!! Children's Activities, Ticket links and more TBA on their FB page and website, so please come celebrate with us!

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