Monday, June 22,2020

Blessings and Love from the blooming green beauty of the southern Missouri Ozarks, and Happy Summer Solstice, all of you Sweet Souls! I have been keeping myself busy with planting, a bit of gardening, writing, plotting and planning, and, of course, recording online shows for you to enjoy! Until things are safe again, my goal is to connect with you here from my website as much as possible, right from our lovely home sanctuary of Wolvenwold. 

The trees and forests are lush and full, and our elderberries and wild lettuce are springing forth, like crazy! Hopefully, we can invite some of you out for a "distance" festival, later this summer, or perhaps even this fall, if things calm down a bit in this wild world. We'll keep you updated. (Keep an eye on our "Wolvenwold" page here on thus website, for news and updates.)

I miss you. I miss the interaction and the magick of the festivals. Everything I had planned to travel to/perform at this summer, was, understandably, cancelled. But! I hope to see you next year, if and when that becomes possible again. 

Keep the faith in your hearts, and a smile in your soul... we'll see one another again, when we can.

For now, please stay safe and healthy. 

Much Love and Many Blessings,


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